About Me:
I have worked as a professional photographer at various times since 1960, starting in the darkroom of a portrait studio. Since then, I have been an architectural photographer, an industrial photographer, a travel photographer and an army combat photographer -- even taking pictures of John Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
When I retired, after 28 years as a stockbroker, I decided to get serious about photography again and  for the past five years have been helping aspiring models build their portfolios. I also began shooting couples we met while RVing during  winters in Palm Desert. After moving to Oakmont in 2012, I saw a need to provide quality images that could be passed on to children and grandchildren as well as provide a record of memorable anniversaries and other special occasions.

Your portrait will be done with a professional-quality Nikon digital camera, which produces extremely high quality images, and meticulous retouching with Photoshop to create the look you'll like.